The Finest Water

Extracted exclusively from local wells, Affligem’s water reaches perfect mineral balance after a careful demineralisation process.

At Affligem, we strive to minimise the use of the world’s natural resources. That’s why we reuse as much water as possible.

The Finest Malt

Lightly kilned to make Affligem Blonde and fiercely roasted to brew our Double, this type of malt is naturally high in starch and gives our beer unique nut and vanilla notes.

The relatively large ratio of malt to water gives our Double and Triple beers more sugar content and alcoholic strength.

The Finest Hops

There’s the noble hop from Germany, renowned for its minimal bitterness and spicy aromas; the Saaz, a traditional Czech pilsner hop with an earthy, herbal aroma; and Savinski Golding, a traditional Slovenian variety.

Each adds a grassy citrus aroma and a lightly bitter finish to our beers.

The Finest Yeast

Yeast is added during the fermentation process. By continually feeding our yeast measured quantities of wort, we make sure the culture we use remains fresh.

In case the abbey is ever destroyed, we have stored a small stash of our yeast in a secret location. There’s simply no other way to create Affligem’s unique banana aroma and tingly ‘yeast bite’.