Brewing Process
It takes 8 steps to brew the perfect Affligem
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It all starts in the mill, where we break down the malt barley’s outer husk and release its starch.

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Next, we mix the malt with demineralised water from local wells and activate its enzymes in a heated mash tun.

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After sterilising the wort and evaporating any volatile off-note compounds, we add hops and a small amount of sugar - as is traditional in Belgian abbeys.

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Then, we spin the wort in a whirlpool and remove the hops and protein sediment. We’re now getting closer to our end product.

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Time for a rest. The beer is cooled with sterile air to prepare it for the addition of yeast.

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Yeast is added. It takes five to seven days for the sugar to change into alcohol and carbon dioxide, so we wait and let nature do its work.

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In horizontal tanks, the beer is given a rest for 7 days for a better head and an improved flavour and aroma. Afterwards, we taste and test, perfecting the beer's acid profile and esters.

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Final step

After some additional tests, the beer is ready for bottle and draught.